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Of Honor

By the grace and power of God, I voluntarily join the Faith Lighthouse Restoration Ministry as a Missionary for Christ, and promise to:

  • Honor Christ in that what I choose to See.

  • Honor Christ in that what I choose to Hear.

  • Honor Christ in the places I choose to Go.

  • Honor Christ in selecting my Friends.

  • Honor Christ in my selection of Words and Thoughts.

  • Honor Christ in the conscientious care of My Body
    as a Temple


In an effort to continue ministering to our fellow human needs especially those living in our own community, we would like to make a special appeal for your generous donation in whatever way you can. We also want to say thanks to all our well wishers for there commitment and our members, for the hard work and dedication to the ministry. I pray that the Lord will make you prosperous and be in good health as your soul prospers in Jesus name amen


Pastor; H.Stanford Francis



We hope to become all things to all people, so that by all spiritual means we might save some.

Join now, the Evangelistism Through Charity Team, and support our efforts to spread the gospel with a monthly donation in any amount. When you do, we’ll send you an receipt for tax pusposes.

If you prefer, just indicated that you want us to use your entire donation for global evangelism. Either way, your faithful support helps us reach millions of souls who still haven’t heard the good news of salvation.

With your help we can do so much more for those who lacks in our society. YOU WOULD BE SURPRISE TO SEE HOW MUCH A LITTLE IS TO THOSE WHO HAVE NOTHING.

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