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Construction Engineer

Introduction: What makes our business great is that we love to help and support our clients from the consultation of the early stages all the way to the end of the project.

We fully understand how important it is for you renovating your home, investment property or renovating your place of business.

We understand the desires you have for the new changes you are about to make and we value the trust that you put in us to realizing those dreams.

If we both move forward together, then success takes care of itself. 

We feel that our speciality is that when we take on a project we value our client's input and respect their expectations immensely.

We know that it doesn't always take a large amount of money to create a living space,but rather creativity, resourcefulness and imagination.

We enforce at all times cleaning during and after the completion of all projects promoting tidiness at all times.

We have cultivated our team through the years and each person on our team are highly trained and honest who shared our vision, making us a one stop service for your project.


We are listed as part of Dodge Construction Network.

We are also partners with Faith Lighthouse Restoration Ministry Inc. and other connnecticut community based Organization offering apprenticeship train program in various construction skills to High school seniors and other individuals that are seeking a trade skill while earning. 

each project that is awarded to us is an opertunity giving to help someone in your community to become a member of the trade profession, reducing unemployment and easing the burden on the economy.

with that in mind we would love to think of you as a partner helping to create a productive work force for America.

We are Certified Connecticut Lincense and Insured Home Improvement Contractor with a comprehensive team of painters,masons, carpentors, flooring,tiling/stonework,

movers,cleaners, Landscaping/Tree Planting.

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